Send me to studio LaFabrique

I have been selected for a workshop and my first opportunity to work with award winning (Young Guru) at the state of the art (Studio La Fabrique) in Avignon, France for (mixing with the masters.)  Unfortunately, my trip there is not sponsored.  SO, I am asking for your help getting there.  

I need to raise $5000 today (8-16-15).  This would be an investment into WriteOutDaBox and would be honored through the profit share program and a work of art (donators choice[commission or selection from available portfolio]).  If you want to be the leader of the profits share program, get a priceless work of art, and send me to France, please contact me at

If you would like to make a donation, please email me @  All donations will be refunded if I don't raise the required amount.

If you would like to help by purchasing prints, you can do that (here).

Thank you for your time.


So I am going to share all of my profits with my clientele.  So get into my clientele!!! :)

I will be sharing my profits on a 49/51 split.  So I'll be keeping 49% of all of my sales from products or services.  

If this sounds interesting, it is.

I'm doing this to give back to those that have given to me, because it's radical and I'm not sure if I've ever come across something like this before, and because it validates my efforts in a tangible way.  

So if you like my work and want to commission me, contact me, please! lol!  And then have your friends commission me and I'll share my profits with you according to the amount that you've spent with me.

Simplest terms, it's an ongoing finders fee.


Life is cray cray amazing

First and foremost, I need to say thank you Jesus!  His word is my rock, and I am grateful for all of the blessings he's shown me, and I haven't even blown up yet.

I've finally found myself, and I must say, I think that I'm cool and that's a really good thing.  If you don't think so... maybe you've become disconnected from whats really happing here on earth.

So this is what I've learned since coming to know myself: 

  • I love teaching.  I will never stop teaching regardless of where my outside life takes me.
  • I couldn't do this without my wife, Martha.
  • I am vastly influenced by the inspiration of other fearless people's style. (frfr)
  • I am going back to Europe
  • I want a lot of things
    • To die empty
    • To be able to live, with the same financial comfort that I have now, off of the wealth of my art while tithing/donating away 51% percent of my income. (that's kinda wordy {feel free to repeat until it makes sense})
    • A family
    • To create art that gives humanity the same peace and joy that I have.

Old dogs, new tricks

I used to think the world of my art.  Now I only believe that it needs to improve. 

I've decided that I want to compete for the worldwide portrait contest in London.  So everyday, until it's time to make my painting for the contest, I will be creating a new portrait.  You can tag me on ig and I'll consider drawing you.  I will need daily inspiration to keep this rigorous pace, so please encourage me, and let me know if you want me to draw someone you know or love.

I am claiming this year

This year, I will accept your challenges... as many as I can for as long as I can.  The better it makes my life, the more I will do it.

My latest challenge that I've taken on is to do one thing every day that scares you.  

Currently, I'm afraid of some foods.  I'm afraid of becoming addicted to anything.  I fear financial failure because that affects more than just me.  

I believe that I'm capable of all things...

Thank you Jesus

The Age of Man

In the age of man, I find myself alive in the time of information. ( I'm not sure if I got my time address technically correct, but let's put it like this, there are no dinosaurs roaming around biting ass... Just little Chihuahuas.) My concern is simple; authenticity.  

LOL, I was going to write something truly "awe-full".  But instead; let's embrace technology, come what may.

I've decided...

I've decided that I am working on a new solo album... and that I will release a track from that forth coming album today.  Here's to being happy about life and all of the things in it.

Prime time

I've been telling people there is something on the horizon… and its so close I can feel it, I can smell it, I can hear it, I can taste it.  Get on this train


I haven't posted anything here lately.  I kinda apologize for that, but only sort of.  I have been working on my latest masterpiece, a few commissions, and picked up a new job at Paint n' Cheers in The Plaza District of Oklahoma City.  It's a great place, Adam and Stephanie Jones have worked their asses off to make it so.

Here's a link to a progress shot of my current work,, I think it's gonna be called Pac People, not entirely sure, I might come up with something sexier, pray for me.  

I just want to be great.


Celebrities artist statement

The portrait of the celebrity is the most exposing exhibition of art.  

There's so much risk; if i don't make this portrait look exactly like that person, then, I'm a no good artist that is trying to blow up with gimmicky- kitsch- pseudo pop art.  That's a label that no one can come back from.  The other risk that comes to mind is if I make the image look too much like the artist, then the "art" I've created gets over shadowed by the depiction of the celebrity.  

The reward; we will see what the reward could be...

Belief #1

This isn't necessarily a primary belief, but its the one currently floating through my head.  ART THAT IS TRULY OF QUALITY WILL CONSUME YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN CONSUME IT.  Whether that's true or not, doesn't matter to me, that is what I am trying to achieve as an artist.

I want to be great

I want to be great.  I want people to recognize the effort I put into my work.  I want people to recognize the quality of my work.  I feel that I'm being overlooked and on a slightly different note, I'm setting up this blog to express this feeling and other thoughts that I have about art.  Read at your own leisure.